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Marketing is a crucial human invention. It embraces the activities we engage into satisfy our economic needs and wants. Early in man’s history it become clear that no household could be economically self- sufficient for long, specialization, production and exchange of items produced with items needed were introduced. Thus, marketing was born therefore, the first marketing system we had at early stages of our development is known as trade by barter.
            The core concept of marketing is the transaction which is the exchange of desired objects by two parties. Such exchange could be goods for goods, services for services. This system was faced with a multiplicity of problems such as double coincidence of wants divisibility problem profitability problem’s e.t.c. all these prevent marketing from taking place on modernized basis.
            For instance, if marketing is to take place, the following pre- requisites are necessary:
a)                  Two or more parties who have unsatisfied wants.
b)                  Some products or services and money to exchange and
c)                  Some means of communication between the parties involved.
Definitions of marketing in the literature differ primarily in terms of
a)      Relating Marketing to Society (Macro- View Point) versus activities of firm or financial institutions (Macro- View Point)
b)      Restricting the objects of exchange to economic goods and services and its ultimate aims satisfying human economic needs.
“Marketing is a set of activities that facilitates exchange, transactions involving economic goods and services, For the ultimate purpose of satisfying human needs”. From the given above, it is clear that products and services have to be designed, developed produced and packaged, information about the as­pect of the services of the product such as advertising and personal selling.
Effective marketing includes post- transaction activities that ensure satisfaction with the product and services in use.
Furthermore, it is now clear that the objectives of marketing is to satisfy the needs of the consumer at a profit. It is believed that without a clear set of objectives the planning process is meaningless. Hence marketer must plan present what to do in the future. It comprises both the determination of the desired future and the steps necessary to bring it to reality.
In a nutshell, marketing activities play a vital role in the survival and growth of any business organization both within and outside the country. The benefits of marketing activities cannot be over- emphasized.
Also, in Nigeria today, the development of marketing activities has given room to the establishment of a programme “marketing of financial services”.
The broad aim of this study is to inquire into the marketing activities in financial institutions and how these activities have affected the deposit mobilization and profitability of the institutions.
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