Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Impact of Digitization of the Broadcasting Media in Nigeria


The study of Williams, R.C (2018), Impact of Digitization of the Broadcasting Media in Nigeria, A study of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA Enugu). The study ascertained the level of media digitization in Nigerian Television Authority, Enugu (NTA) in this Era of ICT and internet operations. The study holds that the first Practical demonstrations of television were developed using electromechanical methods to scan, transmit, and reproduce image. As electronic camera and display tubes were perfected, electromechanical television gave way to all-electronic systems in nearly all applications.

According to Anaeto et’al (2018), Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been the converging platform for different word of media communication, information machine and technologies and equipment i.e. Radio, Television, Computers, satellites, Fibre optic Cables, phones, Facsimile machine etc.